2018 Taxable Values Estimate and Homestead Exemptions for Broward County, Florida

For those of you who live in Broward County, Florida, this could be very valuable and helpful information.  Below is an informative newsletter originally published by Marty Kiar of the Broward County Property Appraiser’s (BCPA’s) office.

2018 Estimate of Taxable Values

The preliminary 2018 property values will be posted on BCPA’s website at www.bcpa.net on June 1. This will be your first opportunity to review your 2018 property value and contact our office if you believe the just value to be inaccurate. This is important because the amount of property taxes that you will be asked to pay is based on the relationship between the tax rates set by your local taxing authorities and the assessed value of your property as determined by our office. Florida law requires our market values be one year in arrears meaning we use the qualified sales of comparable properties from January 1, 2018 back through January 2, 2017 for the 2018 property values. If you purchased your property in 2018, your 2018 purchase price will be used in setting your property’s 2019 market value. For questions regarding your residential property, please call 954-357-6831. BCPA will be mailing the 2018 TRIM (proposed tax) Notices to all Broward property owners in mid-August. This notice will show your property’s 2018 market value, assessed value, exemptions and proposed tax rates as set by the various taxing authorities.

Did You Have Homestead Exemption on One Home and Purchase Another?

If you had Homestead Exemption on a property in 2016 or 2017 and have purchased a new permanent residence in Florida, please make sure you have applied for both Homestead Exemption and Portability at your new residence. Portability allows you to transfer the “Save Our Homes” savings you built up by having Homestead Exemption on any Florida property to another Homesteaded property in Florida. To transfer the Save Our Homes benefit, you must establish a Homestead Exemption at the new home within two years of January 1 of the year you sold or moved from the old homestead (not two years of the sale or move date). Note: a Portability application transfers the savings you have earned, but it does not automatically transfer your Homestead Exemption. You must apply for both Homestead Exemption on your new home and complete a Portability application. The Portability application can be found on our website at www.bcpa.net/Forms/DR501T2009.pdf For questions regarding Homestead Exemption, Portability or any of the available tax-saving exemptions, please call our Customer Service representatives at 954-357-6830.

Meet the Broward County Mobile Exemption & Information Team

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office has a group of representatives visiting homeowner and community groups around Broward County to educate property owners about the role of our office and provide important tax-saving information. To find out when BCPA will be assisting residents and property owners in your community, simply visit their event calendar online at www.bcpa.net/Events.asp If you would like a representative to attend one of your meetings or events, please contact Michael Clark, Mobile Exemption & Information Team (MEIT) Manager, at 954-357-6905 or mclark@bcpa.net

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Uber It! Broward County Motor Carrier Ordinance Passes 4/28/15

dad-aventadorAt the April 28th Broward County Public Hearing, the Board of County Commissioners voted to update and expand the County’s Motor Carrier Ordinance. As some of you may know, this item sparked a lot of attention, and now, the ordinance provides a framework allowing Uber, Lyft and other Transportation Network Carriers to operate legally within Broward County.

The County voted on a variety of matters, but the three that pertain directly to this issue include requirements for Transportation Network Carriers to conduct background checks, vehicle inspections and obtain insurance.

1. Background Checks:

All Uber and Taxi Drivers will:

• Provide their fingerprints to Broward County.
• Register with the County as a Chauffeur.
• The County will receive a “ping,” which is a computer alert, from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement if anyone working as a Chauffeur in Broward is arrested in the state of Florida.

2. Vehicle Inspections:

• All for hire vehicles must complete a 19 point vehicle inspection by an ASE Certified Mechanic once per year.

3. Insurance:

• State of Florida sets a minimum requirement for all vehicles for hire to be 24/7 coverage by a Standard Line Insurance Carrier, with Commercial Vehicle Insurance.
• Broward County requires all for hire vehicles to meet state requirements for insurance.

Editor’s notes: Companies, like Uber, have been threatening to pull out of Broward if this measure passed. Part of their argument was that the cost of doing business would increase so much that they couldn’t afford to stay in Broward. Balance those interests against the interest of protecting the users from all sorts of harm that is presently protected under the traditional Taxi business model and you might be able to see how beneficial the ordinance actually is. Protection from possible bodily harm caused by a driver, a car accident or getting stranded from a driver who doesn’t properly care for their vehicle would not exist without this ordinance being put into place. Worst case scenario, because that’s what lawyers always envision, another car rams into the vehicle you hired while you are “Ubering It.” You are taken to the hospital for serious injuries and you later find out that the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured AND the Uber driver is also uninsured. Exactly who pays for your visit to the hospital and the rehabilitation? Y-O-U. Yes, Uber is cheap, but always remember, you get what you pay for.