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Khani & Auerbach is a general practice law firm serving clients throughout the State of Florida. Attorneys, Jay E. Auerbach and Khila L. Khani, take pride in providing clients with quality representation and personalized service in a professional and cost-efficient manner. Each client is treated professionally and with integrity.  Clients are assured that they will be provided with service on an individual basis and with the utmost consideration.

We hope that our law firm website provides you with useful information to learn about Khani & Auerbach, grasp an understanding of what legal services we can provide for you and understand where we are coming from both practically and philosophically. So, what sets Khani & Auerbach apart from the rest? Three simple things:


We are interested in creating long-term relationships with our clients, being that guide for our clients to assist them in creating problem-free transactional environments and solving problems before they erupt into litigation. Looking at the long-term perspective allows us to be freed from the common short-sighted thinking that most often causes conflicts or situations that might not otherwise be beneficial for the client in the long-run. This long-term perspective also allows us to serve you in the most cost-effective manner that benefits both the client and our long-term relationships. Each matter is accepted with those thoughts in mind.

Whether you are here for a real estate transaction, estate planning or even the most sensitive of matters in probate, we consider all these aspects in making your experience with our firm the most positive one.


Khani & Auerbach is a highly focused practice and we only take on matters that we are skilled in handling. For many years, we have practiced day in and day out in our selected areas. Doing this, allows us to be knowledgeable and skilled in these areas from hands-on experience. Our commitment to focus on these selected areas of practice allows us to ensure that we are effective for our clients.


We have continually maintained a law firm atmosphere that ensures the presentation of our values. Because we are not an oversized law firm with several compartmentalized departments for every aspect of a transaction, we can ensure that your matters are treated personally by the attorneys involved. In the matter of real estate, this is most important, as it is easy for transactions to get caught up in the minutia of firms that may have different departments for the various aspects of a closing. This setting ensures that our commitment to focusing on the client does not get lost and nurtures that long-term relationship.

This combination of the long-term perspective, focused practice and boutique setting allows us to optimally serve our clients.

We look forward to counseling and assisting you with all your legal needs.

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