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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Proper planning of your assets and wealth allows you to make sure that your needs are covered and that you can provide for your loved ones when you are gone.  At Khani & Auerbach, we provide information and timely service regarding wills and trusts, estate taxes, and asset protection. After gaining a full understanding of your objectives, we will prepare the legal documents necessary to accomplish your goals.  Estate planning ensures that your assets will go to the people you want and in the manner and at the time you want.  A proper estate plan can save you and your heirs from large tax bills, reduce your beneficiaries’ attorney’s fees and costs, but most importantly, avoid miscommunication about your wishes and desires.

All estate plans should include, at a minimum, a durable power of attorney and a Will.  A will, the cornerstone of a traditional estate plan, directs how property owned by you at the time of your death, is to be distributed to your beneficiaries. The durable power of attorney will permit someone you choose to manage your property while you are alive, in the event that you are unable to do so yourself.   Additional important parts of the estate plan include the drafting of a document naming a health care surrogate and a living will.

Individuals with significant assets often choose to create trusts; usually revocable trusts (“living trusts”) to avoid probate and manage their estates, without court interference.

Assist our clients with the advice and preparation of various estate planning documents which include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trust Creation
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Health Care Surrogate