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Residential Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a house or condominium is time of great excitement. However, it is also is a time that is loaded with numerous legal issues. The attorneys of Khani & Auerbach are available to prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement and provide high quality service from negotiation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement through the completion of the transaction.

We work closely with realtors, lenders, mortgage brokers, surveyors and all other parties related to the transaction to ensure that the closing process moves efficiently and smoothly.

SSI Vetted Agent SealBoth attorneys, Jay Auerbach and Khila Khani, are Certified Registered Closing Agents as deemed authorized by Secured Settlements, Inc. As authorized agents, both attorneys adhere to Best Practice Standards and maintain risk management standards set by SSI’s mortgage lender clients.

The Contract

The real estate contract is a minefield of legal terminology that is very confusing. Having a real estate lawyer on your team before signing the contract ensures that you are legally protected and most importantly, that you understand your rights and obligations.

Title Insurance

With all the hoops you have to jump through to buy a home, you’d think that would be enough to prove your home is indeed your home. But alas, such is not always the case. A myriad of situations can stand between you and marketable title—a condition that states evidence of your problem-free ownership rights to a particular property.

The purpose of title insurance is to secure your legal claim to the property and protect you against title “defects”—legal rights to a property claimed by somebody else. Unfortunately, hidden defects can surface even after you’ve gone through closing, and a myriad of situations can stand between you and marketable title. With title insurance, the title insurer not only pays the costs if you’re ever forced to defend your ownership in court, but covers any financial loss if the title defects cannot be settled.

Rely upon your real estate attorney’s title expertise.

Many companies sell title insurance. But a lay title agency (one that’s not affiliated with a law firm) only prepares documents for closing and issues your title insurance policy. A lay title agency cannot:

  • Prepare contracts
  • Resolve title or inspection issues
  • Give you legal advice regarding the content of documents you sign during the closing

Since your ownership rights must be legally protected, a person trained in the complexities of real estate law is best qualified to issue your owner’s title insurance policy. That is your real estate attorney. Khani & Auerbach’s fee for title insurance will be the same as a Title Company. By hiring Khani & Auerbach for your real estate transactions, you will receive the added value of an attorney’s legal advice and counsel.

Khani & Auerbach look forward to assisting you with a variety of residential real estate law services including:

  • Real Estate Closings
  • Title searches
  • Title insurance
  • Draft of conveyance documents
  • Draft of Seller’s documents
  • Review and explanation of contract terms and conditions
  • Review of Condominium and Homeowner’s Association documents
  • Preparation of Notes and Mortgages

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