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Time to Buy and Refinance is Now!

Date 10-27-2015

Are you wondering what the rates on mortgages are hovering around these days? Data released on Thursday by Freddie Mac indicates that the 30-year fixed-rate average ticked down to 3.79 percent with an average 0.6 point. (Points are fees paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the loan amount.) It was 3.82 percent a week ago and 3.92 percent a year ago. The 30-year fixed-rate average has remained below 4 percent for three months.

The 15-year fixed-rate average dropped to 2.98 percent with an average 0.5 point, falling below 3 percent for the second time in three weeks. It was 3.03 percent a week ago and 3.08 percent a year ago.

Hybrid adjustable rate mortgages moved higher. The five-year ARM average edged up to 2.89 percent with an average 0.4 point. It was 2.88 percent a week ago and 2.91 percent a year ago.

The one-year ARM average jumped to 2.62 percent with an average 0.2 point. It was 2.54 percent a week ago.

Now, really is the time to buy and refinance!