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Probate and Trust Administration
At Khani & Auerbach we understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult part of the circle of life.  Family members and loved ones should not have to worry about the intricacies of the probate process during their period of grief.  At Khani & Auerbach we strive to provide competent and efficient services to both the Personal Representatives and Beneficiaries during this difficult time.

Probate is the legal process whereby the court oversees the distribution of a decedent’s property, including the distribution of property to beneficiaries and by paying off the decedent’s debts and taxes.   

At Khani & Auerbach we assist with the collection of assets, provide notice to creditors, and distribute the decedent’s assets. Pursuant to Florida law, an attorney is required to probate an estate.  We counsel fiduciaries in connection with carrying out their legal responsibilities, whether they are personal representatives, trustees or guardians. 

We can also help you understand your rights as an heir or beneficiary.

We assist local and out-of-state clients with:

• General probate administration
• Summary Administration for estates less than $75,000 in value
• Ancillary Administration for estates administered by an executor in another state
• Trust Administration
• Probate and Trust Litigation
• Creditor Representation                                                                             



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